What Are the Advantages of a Cash Home Buyer Over a Property Realtor?

The process of selling your property may be one you have chosen to make. But there are other times that circumstances force you to sell, when you had not planned to do so. A work transfer, a divorce, a creditor problem, or that you may have already purchased another property are all common reasons why people need to sell houses. Many sellers are not aware that a cash home buying firm has many advantages over a standard realty firm trying to target Pittsburgh home buyers.

Realtors work on commissions and if they close a sale, the price you receive is reduced by the agent’s commission. When you do business with a cash home buyer the price you agree upon, is THE price you will receive – there are no hidden fees or commissions.

Even simply listing with a Realtor costs money. This makes you feel you have to accept one, or any of the offers the Realtor brings you from their Pittsburgh buyers. Once that money has been paid out there is a feeling of obligation to make sure it isn’t money spent for no result. When dealing with a cash buyer, there are simply no obligations. They will come and see you, and talk about your needs. The offer they make will have cost you nothing. And you have no obligation to accept it.

The real estate market likes attractive properties. These sort of homes appeal to Pittsburgh home buyers and the effort to market & sell them is not onerous. But not every property is in great condition. For many reasons people do not want to do up their ugly houses before sale. In some cases they simply can not afford it. Cash buyers realize that an active market exists, and certain Pittsburgh home buyers are looking for houses they can realize value on, once they have been done up.

For a similar reason houses under a certain dollar value are not lucrative to Realtors. The effort involved in marketing and showing such houses just doesn’t appeal to them. This problem does not exist for cash home buyers. They recognize that every property has a value, and they will make you an offer based on a number of sensible factors – the house location, the condition, the size etc. And it isn’t guaranteed that the offer will be well below market value. In some cases the assessed value will be the market value – if the cash buyer thinks Pittsburgh home buyers will also see it that way.

Selling your property does not need to be limited to listing with a realty firm. Cash home buyers can provide alternatives that will be tailored for your situation. Quick cash in hand, it is a solution that has to be considered.

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